A.K.Miošića 1, 21420 Bol, Hrvatska


The utmost dining experience

Cold Appetizers

Cold plate for 2
Prosciutto, pancetta, sheep cheese, olives / Dalmatian prsiutto, pancetta, sheep cheese, olives
120 HRK


Chicken Salad
Chicken breast on crispy salad, cherry tomatoes, fresh cucumber, dried tomatoes,
toasted bacon and granna padana cheese, topped with olive oil

80 HRK

Beef tenderloin salad
Grilled beef tenderloin, lettuce, tomatos, rucola, grana Padano cheese
90 HRK

Tuna Salad
Grilled tuna steak, rucola, cherry tomatoes
80 HRK

Greek Salad
Iceberg lettuce, cherry tomato, paprika, cucumber, capers, feta cheese and olives
75 HRK


Pasta with mince beef meat sauce
75 HRK

Pasta with crunchy pancetta and parmigiano cheese
75 HRK

Pasta with onion, pancetta and cherry tomatoes
75 HRK

Pasta with seasonal vegetables
70 HRK

Aglio e Oglio
Pasta with garlic, olive oil and pepperoncini
70 HRK

Pasta with a mix of sea food
85 HRK

Meat Dishes

Grilled Beef tenderloin
170 HRK
Grilled chicken steak
80 HRK
Fried Chicken
80 HRK

Mixed meat
Pork loin, chicken, mixed mince meat and sausage
110 HRK
Mixed meat plate for 2
220 HRK
Grilled Chicken Caprese
85 HRK
Beef burger
90 HRK

Fish Dishes

Grilled Tuna Steak
120 HRK
Grilled Fresh Fish
98 HRK
Grilled calamari
95 HRK
Fried squid / Fried calamari
95 HRK


Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream
40 HRK

Side dish

French fries

Grilled Vegetables

Swiss chard and potatos

25 HRK


Beef soup

Fish soup

Vegetable cream soup

45 HRK